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In Germany, more than 600,000 tons of Waste Tyres was thrown out every year (Lebreton dan Tuma, 2006). In USA, the same thing happened, there is 279,000 tons of Wast Tyre also thrown out (Ko dan Hwang, 2009). In Indonesia, there still not yet calculated for the Waste Tyres which is thrown out every year.

The sales of the Tyres in Indonesia is growing year by year, in equal with the increment of the Sales of Car and Motorcycle. We can check the data of the Tyres Sales Performance in 2010 on table 1.1. Based on the data, it can be shown that the Cas Passenger Tyre sales is 41,043,471 unit, which is the sales to OEM, replacement, export and the pre-stock.

Table 1.1 Car Passenger Tire Sales Performance (Indonesia – January - October 2010) (APBI)
Total Sales and Total Production of Car Passenger Tire in January - October 2010 (unit)
The Volume


Total Sales











Based on the data, the waste of the tyres is increasing. This one is a big problem because the waste of tyres can not be easily processed by the nature. Therefore, there is an effor needed to process this waste of tyres.

In the research of Lebreton dan Tuma (2006), they are mentioning some alternative to re-processed the tyre waste. The process is inceneration cement, inceneration, remanufacturing, reuse, material recycling, and landfilling.

In the research of Ayres et. Al. (1997), it stated that remanufacture is the best way which is able to reducing the needs of the material until 80% from the new raw material.

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