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Pura Reclaimed Rubber

Our Reclaimed Rubber is produced using modern German Technology so it produces a great quality consistency. With our products, you can be assured that the quality you get is one of the finest on the market. With the modern technology and the newest method, it makes our reclaimed rubber odorless and high qualityification. By using Pura Reclaimed Rubber, you do also participate on making greener world, because all off our material are pure recycling from rubber trash, that we've know that they're can't be recycled naturally. Pura Agung have been rewarded by ISO 9001 : 2008, and it is our prove that we always care about customer satisfaction.

Pura Rubber has 8 different grades of reclaimed rubber. We do divide the grades based on each different application and based on the segment. Based on our own research, there is 2 main segments for the reclaimed rubber. The manufacturers which is need a good abrasion ability, and the manufacturers which is only using the reclaimed rubber as one of their formula. Refer on this research, Pura Rubber making a differentiation based on this 2 main segments into 8 different grades. The grades which is officialy published by Pura Rubber is :


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